2023 State Meet Info You Need

Please select the correct race and skill level.

Individual races

The Gold (Varsity) Level is for more highly skilled veteran runners

The Silver (JV) Level is for less skilled runners and B teams and for any overflow teams that could not get in the Gold Races. Each race has a 25 team limit plus individuals.

Enter early to get your spot.

Team Races

In the Team Races we will score only your first 5 runners. If your School Varsity Cross Country team is Division 1 then you must enter your team in the D1 team division. If your School Varsity Cross Country Team competes in Division 2 or 3 you would enter them in the D2 or D3 team division. Division 1 teams CANNOT move down to Division 2 or 3 but division 2 or 3 teams can move up a Division if they choose to do so. All runners MUST have competed on the same school team during the season. Teams cannot add runners from other schools. If you did not run together during the season you do not run together at the state meet!

Silver Division

If you are bringing 14 or more runners to the State Meet please consider entering half of your runners into the Silver Team Race. You will have to pay for each team but it will be a much more meaningful event for the slower runners on your team who work just as hard but never get to experience the thrill of being one of the first runners to cross the finish line! All Divisions will run together in the Silver race and Individual awards will go to the Overall team Champion as well as a Team Award to the Top 4 Finishers and Medals to top 15.

Club Team Division

We are starting a new division for club type teams in 2022 that have runners from more then 1 middle school. These teams will all run in the D1 Gold Races. They are eligible to win team awards in the club division if we have 4 or more club teams enter. Club team runners are eligible to win any individual award however, such as top 15, Ohio's Fastest ect. This will be great for a school that may only have 3 or 4 kids interested in running, they can now add runners from another school and enter the Club Team division.

The Anaconda Run

This is a 2 mile race for grades 9 thru 12 including a brand new adult division. each race winner gets a gigantic 26 pound Anaconda Gummy!! Medals to top 15 in each age group. This event has become a fan favorite with everyone wanting to see who wins the Giant First Prize. "Don't just run for trinkets..come Conquer the Anaconda! Register online or in person race day.


Due to OHSAA guidelines school teams cannot compete in this event if they have already competed in their maximum number of meets for the season which is 12, they can however enter as a club team. Club teams can wear their school uniforms with schools permission. Middle School Coaches are not permitted to coach the athletes at the State Meet if their team has already run 12 meets for the year. Club teams can appoint a parent or Varsity athlete to coach them in the event however. If you have competed in less than 12 meets you can enter as a school team and your school coach is permitted to coach you. If you already run 12 meets per year but would like to compete in the State Meet in 2023, consider replacing one of your smaller less competitive meets with the State Meet and use it as a Fun season ending event! Very FEW middle school teams run 12 meets per year by the way so most can enter as part of the school season.


Add the Middle School State Meet to your regular season Schedule next year and bring your teams to Columbus for a fun filled weekend as a reward for a season of hard work. Each Middle School team is only permitted to compete in so many meets per year, Make the Middle School Championship one of them in 2023.

The Race

Distance will be 2 miles for all races. We will provide a lead vehicle for all races. We will provide bottled water to the athletes after each race. We will have a clock located at both the one mile mark and the finish. The Race will use Chip Timing. Races will be started by a Licensed OHSAA Cross-country Official and a Licensed official at the finish line as well.

Starting Box Assignment Procedure

Teams will get their starting box number according to the order they registered and paid. So if you are the first team registered for the D I Gold race you will be in starting box number 1. We will also have a few boxes for individual runners as well. Assignments will be posted on our website October 21st.


Ohio Replica Medals to the top 15 finishers in all races. Team Trophies to the top 4 teams in All races as well as individual medals to all members of State Championship teams.

Individual Trophies to Ohio's Fastest Girl and Boy overall.This could be from any race or division and includes a fitted championship ring and jeweled crowns. New in 2023 Ohio’s fastest boy will also get an AMAZING 12 inch Statue of the Flash while Ohio’s fastest girl will get an exact replica of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers from the 1939 movie The Wizard Of Oz!

A GIANT 5 pound Gummy Bear will be presented to the top 3 finishers of each race as well and a Willy Wonka Chocolate bar to the top 15, some have Golden Tickets wrapped inside!

**BRAND NEW IN 2023*** We love adding new and fun things for our runners to help make the day more memorable so this year we are giving away one large Gumball Machine every race to one of the top 15 finishers. The race winner will draw a number out of the hat that will have numbers 1 thru 15 inside. For example, if they draw number 9 then the 9th place finisher wins the prize! This year we are adding an exciting new twist. If the ONE green ball is pulled out ALL Top 15 finishers in that race get a Gumball Machine!

Our award ceremony is second to none and runners receive their medals to the music of the Olympic Games.


The cost is $20 per individual, for teams the cost is $20 per runner or $150 per team whichever is less. If you are entering a boys and a girls' team you will need to pay for each one.

Spectator Admissions is $10 for adults $5 for students. Please have exact change if possible. Parking is free.

Host Hotel

Athletes Village

We will have Gatorade and water available in the big black cooler please help yourself.


We are always looking to expand our events to other states. They are a terrific one-day fundraiser for any team, organization or individual. If you are interested, please contact us.